Fred Haydn

Fred Haydn

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First Name * Fred
Last Name * Haydn
Username * Hydra
Country * Sweden
City Göteborg
Nationality Swedish
Languages ChineseEnglishFrenchSwedish


Current Position Animator;Artist;Designer;IT / Networking / System Admin;Modeller
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleMotion Picture or Video
Preferred Tools Photoshop3ds maxZBrushMAYAModelingDesignTexturingAnimationSoftimage XSIIllustration


Availability: student


Grown up in sweden I always wanted to learn new languages and speak a few moderately and four fluid. I hope to be able to travel much in the future, on or off work doesn't matter.

Lurking in the shadows of the cgtalk forum for many years I've finally entered to improve my drawing and art skills. I have recently starting building up my own portfolio here in hopes to someday create an animated movie short or just aid the the design process of some entertainment piece. Its an interesting business and its always been a dream to earn my living from a hobby.

My other interest is music. I have many ongoing projects and play everything from jazz to pop. Piano and guitar are the instruments I feel most comfortable with, although I have tried singing (to my friends great despair).

I have studied math and computers to get a masters degree, but just recently took a break to travel and work, maybe even get a renewed interest for life, who knows...


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